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Statement on the Republican Runoff Election

Christian For Congress | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JUNE 22ND, 2022
First, I’d like to extend my formal congratulations to Dr. Rich McCormick for his victory last night against Trump-endorsed Jake Evans. Our team couldn’t be more excited by the outcome.

In my eyes, last night’s election represented a rejection of radicalism by local moderates and provided proof that Trump was not the political Kingmaker that many thought him to be.

As many remember, being a Trump-endorsed Republican was considered a golden ticket to Washington no less than a year ago. Yet, last night we saw the clear rebuke of that idea across the state. And although it came as a surprise to many, it’s important that those on the outside don’t forget that Georgians will not vote one way or the other simply because they are expected to do so.

For that same reason, it becomes clear that referring to this race as a ‘Safely Red Seat’ is both inaccurate and dangerous. As we saw, the people of this district are willing and able to think for themselves–to frame this election as not in contention is to frame the constituents of this district as inflexible and incapable of independent thought.

Additionally, I’m personally excited that–with Trump’s proxy defeated–the People of the 6th will now be able to focus on the real battle here in Georgia: the fight between the People and the special interest groups attempting to buy their votes.

It’s no surprise that money in politics is at the very core of gridlock in Washington. Special interest groups and lobbyists have spent years buying out candidates to block critical changes such as reducing drug prices, modernizing critical infrastructure, and reforming federal campaign finance laws.

And while I welcome Dr. McCormick’s competition, I can’t say the same about the special interests who’ve backed him—specifically, the dozens of PACs that have already funneled him millions in hopes of maintaining their stranglehold on our country’s political process.

It’s time we wake up and realize this race is not about party affiliation; it’s about the People vs those trying to silence us. Let’s let the People decide this election, not corporations.

The folks here in this district don’t deserve an ounce less from either candidate.

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